Tailgating Information

The Carolina Cup is nothing without it's wide spectrum of tailgaters. We have everything from silver candelabras to corn hole and redneck golf.  Below are some options we offer for tailgating at the event. Please call the office if you have any questions or would like a recommendation.

  •  Infield
    • The infield will look much different for the 2018 race than it has in the past. We have restructured our rows from straight lines into a horseshoe shape to help accommodate patrons from both the old Carolina and Colonial Cups. This allowed tailgating spaces to grow from 9 feet to 11 feet wide! We have also added terrier races, an infield vendor village, and activities for children similar to those at our fall Colonial Cup race. Our infield is where the majority of our guests are located. With tiered parking options starting at $225 and going all the way down to $125, exciting changes are happening, you will not want to miss out on the infield!
  • Front Row
    • Front row parking is prime real estate for the racegoer. With parking spaces along the rail- this will allow an unobstructed view to the action near the finish line. Located on the grandstand side of the race course, Front Row parking has easy access to the paddock, hospitality tents, and Paddock Shoppes. These spaces fill up very quickly, please be sure to make reservations as soon as possible!
  • Rails
    • West, South and North Rails are great options for new comers or College Students making the transition from College Park to Infield. With low prices, these parking spaces come with two general admission tickets and a front row seat to the track in a quieter, less hectic atmosphere than the Infield.


  • College Park
    • College Park was created specifically to accommodate the college students who enjoy the tradition and socializing the races offer. Located on the south corner of the property, it is easily accessible by charter bus or regular vehicle

**NEW For College Park**

    • Live band
    • Free water stations
    • Pledge Row parking
      • A perk of buying one Large ($800) College Park Plot. Your fraternity will receive normal parking credentials as well as one Pledge Row space for a regular sized vehicle to park in on the back side of College Park. Use this vehicle to transport your heavy décor (couches, coolers, corn hole, etc). Please keep in mind a U-Haul or box truck will not fit on Pledge Row and will not be allowed in.
    • Carolina Cup College Park Knockerball Steeplechase
      • One member from each purchased tent space will have the opportunity to compete in the World's First Knockerball Steeplechase. Winners will be awarded the Carolina Cup Knockerball Steeplechase trophy and bragging rights until next year. Details to follow.